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What We Do What’s important to you? We know you have goals and dreams to realize. Enter The Gray Team. We offer piece of mind that your wealth will be there to fund what’s important to you. As discretionary portfolio managers, we remove obstacles to successful investing and allow you to focus on just that – your goals.

Worthwhile goals take time and planning to reach. We will analyze your current financial situation and create a cohesive investment strategy. Over time, we work with you to implement strategies that take care of the investing, income and asset protection, and will and estate planning. We review the progress and dynamically adjust it to meet any new and changing goals.

A disciplined approach is critical. Using our own proprietary equity models for the Canadian and the U.S stock markets, we are able to execute risk adjusted growth as well as in the fixed income and alternative investment space.

We can help direct you to banking services that suit you. Whether it is with a local Scotiabank branch for day-to-day banking or with Private banking for more complex borrowing needs, we can find the right solution.

Not only will we help grow your retirement funds, we offer personalized plans to show an in-depth look at how to achieve those retirement goals.

Insurance solutions can be an important part of building and preserving your wealth. A goal oriented approach will allow us to find the right insurance solution personally or corporately.

Thinking about what your estate could look like? We are here to help guide your wealth to ensure your estate is left the way you want it.

Post-secondary education can have a large financial impact on families. We can show you how to maximize the value of Registered Education Savings Plans and ease the impact on future cash flow.